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What others say about Fred

  • To those who may seek the services of Fred Herbert I would like to endorse and highly recommend those services as he is skilled in many aspects of both large and small business development. I have worked with Fred Herbert in two different departments at ExxonMobil over the last 4 years. Last year I had Fred come in to do a departmental assessment. He spent several days meeting with many team members and then prepared a detailed strategic assessment and recommendations that he presented to the leadership team. We asked Fred to continue to work with us to implement several of the strategies he recommended. He expertly built us a new metrics system, created a project tracking system, and helped manage multiple other projects. Fred leans on his excellent communication skills, reliability, outstanding integrity and strong commitment to any company in which he works with to produce results. He performs at the top of his professional class when it comes to increasing the value and productivity of both highly technical and non-technical teams and businesses alike. I would highly recommend any organization bring Fred in to do a full strategic business assessment and use it to improve processes and profitability. Darren McDougald, ExxonMobil

  • Fred’s ability to quickly build the overall project plan, implement the project structure, and establish the rhythm of the business is to be commended. In addition, Fred possesses much talent in driving process and quality improvements in the business, which is evident through his Six Sigma Black Belt certification. He is highly professional in everything that he does, yet is warm, personable, and approachable. I would recommend Fred as a business consultant who can quickly bring value and improvement to your organization and bottom line! Patricia Morgan, On-Point Business Support Solutions

  • Fred’s commitment to helping us establish quality processes has helped our company lay a foundation for a successful future Thomas Holland, Corporate Floors

  • Fred is a key component of any business owner’s growth plan. He has the network in place to help take a business to the next level and maximize it’s worth. I highly recommend Fred as a resource for any business looking to increase their bottom line. Jake Richter , Edward Jones

  • Fred, I can’t thank you enough for your contributions to the team and the vision we laid out for Desktop. I expect the fruit of your labor will continue to be appreciated as XTO and Exxon continue to align service organizations. In addition to the work, I believe you leave an expectation and template for many of your XTO colleagues to follow as they progress their careers. On a personal note, I attribute many of our successes in Desktop to your vision and drive for excellence. Each and every project you worked on was on time, methodically detailed, and added value to the organization. I hope you and I have a chance to build on these successes and work together again in the future. I would be honored to serve as a reference for you in any future endeavors you pursue. Danny Northcutt, ExxonMobil

  • I know Fred to be a man of Faith and integrity beyond reproach, who blends his personal foundation with an excellent set of tools and knowledge to help business take their performance to the next level. Kurt Mentzel, Hogan Center

  • Fred is a pleasure to work with and always has a great motivation for developing both the internal and external processes. He is very approachable when presented with new ideas to help improve these processes. His level of understanding for the metrics needed for success is one of the best I’ve worked with in my career. He works with his clients and managers to help all become more successful. His vision is very focused and he is extremely driven to enable everyone to have a part in the impending success. He was a big reason that my experience with XTO is one of the most valuable of my career when working with a client. John Ausmus, Stewart Organization

  • I highly recommend Fred Herbert’s consulting services to any business owner in need of a business turnaround or transformation. The system that Fred uses for executing business turnarounds is at the world class excellence level and is perfectly suited for a wide range of business types and sizes. His assessment process assists him in quickly and accurately identifying and prioritizing improvement opportunities. Then his deep experience and knowledge of state of the art management tools enable him to lead the development of strategies, action plans and goals for achieving the best results in the least time. Mal Bass, Global Executive Forum

  • I have worked with Fred for over eight years and have found him to be both a man of integrity and very perceptive at recognizing challenges and implementing process improvement strategies.  Fred created new tools to help BRW better meet customer requirements. I highly recommend Fred to anyone who needs ‘results’ in solving their business challenges. Jim Rehor, BRW

  • We first developed a relationship with Fred when he was helping a supplier of ours win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.  We hired Fred and his company to lead RPM through a Lean initiative which has paid huge dividends for our company. Frank Poeschel, RPM

  • I am extremely pleased with the consulting by Fred Herbert. Fred reviewed all our key processes and helped me make some very important decisions and changes. He also worked with us on metrics, software evaluation, time and project management tools. I have recommended Fred to many of my friends and feel confident he can add value to any organization that uses his services. Slade Myrick, FIMP

  • Fred Herbert has worked with my firm and directly with my clients. He is a giver and goes beyond in providing quality consulting and business services. Mary Anne Wihbey-Davis, Peak Performance Solutions

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Fred in providing Lean Manufacturing training programs to clients. Not only is he an excellent facilitator and consultant, he has a broad knowledge of this key material both in the classroom and the shop floor. Jerry White, White Training & Consulting