Businesses go through cycles of ups and downs.  You've heard the saying:

"You are either currently in a crisis, just came out of a crisis, or you are about to go into a crisis."

This applies both to our lives and certainly to the business as well.  The minute you feel things are going smooth, another fire breaks out and you have to get into firefighting mode once again.

Seven signs your business desperately needs a TURNAROUND!

  • Constant stress and sleepless nights worrying about your business
  • Struggles making payroll and can't always take a personal salary
  • Ever-present fear that you are on the edge of losing your business
  • Employee performance and morale is at an all-time low
  • Increasing financial pressure from your suppliers and creditors
  • Poor cash flow has forced you to turn down orders because you don’t have the funds to pay for materials and labor
  • No one to talk with who understands your struggles and can help

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Don't Panic! I can help!

I have a few slots available to come to your business and personally help you build your Business Turnaround Blueprint™. Contact me if you would like to discuss if this would be a fit for you.