Businesses go through cycles of ups and downs.  You've probably heard the saying:

"You are either currently in a crisis, just came out of a crisis, or you are about to go into a crisis."

This applies both to our lives and certainly to the business as well.  The minute you feel things are going smooth, another fire breaks out and you have to get into firefighting mode once again.

Signs Your Business Needs a Transformation!

  • Constant stress and sleepless nights worrying about your business
  • Struggles with consistent revenue and profitability
  • Low employee performance and morale causing poor quality of product and/or service
  • Issues with suppliers causing bottlenecks and production quality issues
  • Low customer loyalty casing pricing pressures and customer attrition
  • Nobody to talk with who understands your struggles and can help
  • Key performance metrics are below industry averages and company goals

Have Fred personally come work with you and your team to build your unique Business Transformation Blueprint Strategy.

Fred Herbert is the creator of Business Transformation Blueprint program, which is focused on helping business owners like you make a vital turn in the right direction.  Fred is also the creator of "Business For Sale Blueprint™" and "Business Turnaround Blueprint™", a speaker, coach, and expert in performance excellence. While writing his book "How to Prepare Your Business For Sale", he recognized many of the same strategies used to increase the value of a business, apply to typical turnaround and transformation situations. As a result, Fred has chosen to focus his consulting practice using Business Transformation strategies to help business owners succeed.  The question he asked, “How can I best help a business owner who is struggling and needs a business transformation?”  That question led him to create the Business Transformation Blueprint program. Most small businesses can’t afford a full time turnaround expert  Fred wanted to create a way to help a small business owner manage a business transformation at the lowest possible cost.   The Business Transformation Blueprint program is just the answer. Here’s what we need from you. To get maximum benefit Mr. Herbert must work with you personally.  This means he needs to spend several days with you at your business.   He will spend many hours reviewing your metrics and talking with key stakeholders, so he can create a Blueprint tailored to the unique challenges of your business.  (Fred is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but will travel to your site anywhere in the world)

If you are the kind of business owner who is tired of feeling stuck in the quicksand of a struggling business, then…            

Business Transformation Blueprint is for YOU