Business owners are not aware that over 79% FAIL when they attempt to sell their business!


I had no idea it would be so hard to sell my business!”

This is a common phrase heard from thousands of business owners every year that have no concept of what is involved in turning their business to cash.  Many of these owners count on the sale of their business to fund their retirement. I know how they feel. For fourteen long and difficult years I built my business.  When I sold my business, I accepted an offer fast and only received a fraction of what it was worth; burnout set in and I wanted out. Just like most business owners, I had not properly planned for the day I would transition out of my company and waited till it was too late to build value and have more lucrative options.  I was counting on my business to fund a bright future of additional business ventures; instead, I got just enough money to last one year and then I was penniless. Many business owners aren’t that lucky - if you call that lucky: They hire a broker, open their books, get their hopes up, show their business to numerous tire-kickers, jump through hoops for the perspective buyer; all for deals to fall through, to receive ridiculous low-ball offers, all to end up with nothing but busted hopes and dreams.  I want you to have the tools you need to change how your future will play out.  I believe that if you take the correct steps now, you can dramatically increase your chances of a profitable sale.  Every business is unique, but it is not that difficult to increase business value by tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars. There are three distinct steps you must take to get there:

  • Clear understanding of your current state
  • Knowing the exact areas that will build business value
  • Taking systematic actions on those value drivers

Introducing a 12 module training program guaranteed to help you increase the value of your business and simplify the sale process.


Business For Sale Blueprint includes 12 training videos providing you everything necessary to dramatically increase the value of your business, and improving the odds of selling it. This program covers:

  • Understanding the buyer’s perspective and how it can transform the preparation process
  • FAST TRACK methods that help you identify key focus areas required if needing to sell your business quickly
  • Understanding business valuation methods and determining what your business is actually worth
  • Business improvement strategies that increase performance in every aspect of your business
  • Building a better team, increase cash flow, customer satisfaction, and marketing strategies to grow sales
  • Hours of bonus training and interviews with experts providing you additional tools to improve business value

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